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In third-party arbitration, you are arguing your case against a representative of the manufacturer, an individual who has most likely done this hundreds of times before. He does this for a living for the manufacturer. He's basically a hired gun who knows all the right words and phrases to say and is able to deal effectively with unknowing consumers. These are quasi-legal proceedings with cross-examinations and rebuttals of testimony. I know. I arbitrated many cases myself. While working for a car manufacturer, I was sometimes sent on a moment's notice across the country in order to win certain cases in arbitration. I have been involved more than one thousand Lemon Law arbitrations during my career. Prior to working for a car manufacturer, I managed the Lemon Law arbitration mechanism for the state of California with seventeen member car manufacturers. After presiding over so many arbitrated cases, I know what the representatives of the car manufacturers are going to say and how they are going to respond to consumers' cases.

Winning in Arbitration will show you what it takes to win in arbitration. It also shows you what doesn't win in order to let you know of the possible missteps that can be taken and how to avoid them.

This is just part of what you will receive:

  • Why the position paper (a brief summary of why you deserve to win) you send in to the arbitrator may be the most important part of your arbitration and exactly what you should and should not say in it.
  • What to expect, step by step, in an arbitration proceeding.
  • How to appear more organized (and more credible) than the factory representative.
  • How to conduct yourself to impress the arbitrator.
  • The things NOT to say during the hearing.
  • What it costs the manufacturer to arbitrate a Lemon Law case.
  • What the manufacturer fears about an arbitrated decision.
  • How long the process takes.
  • When the arbitrator makes his decision.
  • What your rights are AFTER the decision is made.
  • How soon the manufacturer MUST comply with the decision.
  • The options you have if you lose in arbitration (You DO have options).

Arbitration doesn't need to be such a one-sided battle. With this information you will have a good idea of what to expect and what they will be saying about you. I'll tell you the best way to respond to their questions and how to make points that will be difficult for them to argue. This information will show you how to present an organized, effective case that will impress the arbitrator and put you in the best position possible to get either a refund of your purchase price or a new, replacement vehicle.

I was involved in every arbitrated Lemon Law case for a major car manufacturer for seven years. Prior to that, I managed a Lemon Law arbitration panel for seventeen car manufacturers for the state of California. During my career I have been involved with thousands of Lemon Law cases and have personally presented hundreds in arbitration.

The car makers really do count on the consumers not knowing what to do or say when it comes to arbitration. I can help you.

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